Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta Rallies Denver Crowd of 200; Saturday Vote NO 67 Appearance Planned For Pueblo

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Cara DeGette
Communications Director

October 17, 2014
Press Advisory / For Immediate Release

Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta Rallies Denver Crowd of 200;
Saturday Vote NO 67 Appearance Planned For Pueblo

Longtime labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta kicked off a rally on the Auraria campus in downtown Denver today, urging a crowd of more than 200 students and community advocates to join all Coloradans and reject Amendment 67.

"As a Catholic mother of eleven children, I stand here to sound the alarm about how deceptive and harmful Amendment 67 is to women's lives,” Huerta said. “If passed, Amendment 67 would cut off all access to abortion, severely restrict access to birth control, and subject women who suffer miscarriages to criminal investigations. This is not acceptable in Colorado; this is not acceptable anywhere. We will not be fooled by 67.”

Amendment 67, on the statewide ballot, would ban all abortions, including in cases of rape, incest and when a mother’s health is at risk. It would also restrict access to emergency contraception and commonly used forms of birth control -- including the Pill and IUDs, as well as the use of in-vitro fertilization for infertile couples who want to have a family.

The rally was coordinated by the Feminist Majority Foundation and COLOR (Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunities and Reproductive Rights), and designed to inspire and highlight the need turn out the Latina/o vote for the Nov. 4 election. Huerta will kick off a second rally in Pueblo on Saturday.

Huerta is co-founder, along with Cesar Chavez, of the United Farm Workers. She is founder of the Dolores Huerta Foundation, and is a role model in the Latino community. She is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and is credited with coining the famous Spanish language call to action, Si Se Puede! (Yes We Can!)

“For my entire life I have fought for the rights of workers and women and the Latino community,” Huerta said. “Together, we must do everything in our power to continue to mobilize and vote against this dangerous and terrible amendment. We will make our own personal decisions without government interference, and we will VOTE NO ON 67. SI SE PUEDE!"

At the Friday rally, numerous other speakers also took turns urging Coloradans to reject Amendment 67. Current and former Colorado legislators, professors and student leaders, and community leaders warned of the dangerous and far-reaching consequences of Amendment 67 including criminalizing women and their doctors.