Top-Level Colorado Political Leaders Join Vote NO 67 Campaign Efforts, Vow to Defeat Amendment 67

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Cara DeGette
Communications Director

October 2, 2014
Press Release / For Immediate Release


Top-Level Colorado Political Leaders Join Vote NO 67 Campaign Efforts, Vow to Defeat Amendment 67

Today five top-level Colorado political leaders formally vowed to oppose Colorado’s Amendment 67 on the November ballot. Statements from U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, Gov. John Hickenlooper, Rep. Diana DeGette, Rep. Ed Perlmutter and Congressional District 6 candidate Andrew Romanoff follow.

Rep. Diana DeGette, Colorado CD1 and Co-Chair of the House Pro-Choice Caucus
“There are many important reasons why Colorado voters should Vote NO on Amendment 67. Not only would Amendment 67 ban all abortions in all cases – no exceptions – it could restrict access to common forms of birth control. It goes so far as to ban in-vitro fertilization for women who want to have families. This is government interference at its worst. Giving full legal and constitutional rights to a woman’s fertilized egg would invite the government and the courts into the personal lives of women, and create endless litigation in broad and dangerous ways. Its explicit effect on criminal law and wrongful death statutes has serious consequences. Make no mistake. Amendment 67 would not protect pregnant women and their children. In fact, it would actually criminalize women during their most vulnerable times. Personal, private healthcare decisions are best left to a woman to decide with her doctor and her family, in accordance with her own faith, values and her conscience.”

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper
"Amendment 67 would reverse Colorado's progress protecting the health and safety of women while creating a legal quagmire with dangerous consequences. Coloradans support reproductive health and that's why I've signed laws protecting expectant mothers from violent crimes and support initiatives that dramatically reduce the teenage birthrate. Voters have overwhelmingly opposed these draconian so-called personhood measures twice before. It's in the best interest of Colorado women and families to vote No on Amendment 67.”

Rep. Ed Perlmutter, Congressman from Colorado CD7
“Amendment 67 allows for government intrusion in decisions that should be made by a woman, her family and her doctor. In Congress I have voted to stop attacks on women's reproductive health and we need to continue this effort here at home by stopping this extreme and unconstitutional threat. Coloradans have already said “no" to these so-called personhood amendments but we need to come together once again to resoundingly vote "no" on Amendment 67.’

Andrew Romanoff, Candidate for Colorado CD6
"If men could get pregnant, this debate would have been settled long ago. The right to choose and the right to access birth control are fundamental.  I'm voting no on Amendment 67 because I believe women -- not their employers or politicians -- should be able to make these decisions for themselves."     

Colorado U.S. Sen. Mark Udall
“Amendment 67 is wrong for Colorado and would take our state backwards.Generations of American women fought to secure the right to make their own health care decisions based on what is best for themselves and their families. This radical measure would criminalize all abortions, with no exceptions for victims of rape or incest, while banning the most common and effective forms of contraception. I’ll never stop fighting to protect the rights of Colorado women and to defend their right to live life on their own terms. That means voting NO on Amendment 67."

In addition to high level political leaders, this week the Vote NO 67 campaign noted its 67th organization to join the coalition efforts. Leadership of the El Paso County Libertarian Party unanimously voted to oppose Amendment 67, joining a broad-based, bipartisan coalition of doctors, medical researchers, faith leaders, civil libertarians and dozens of community groups. The number of organizations who have formally endorsed the Vote NO 67 efforts, including the Colorado Bar Association and the Colorado Medical Society, is now at 71.

In September, 82 faith leaders joined in united opposition to Amendment 67, issuing a statement that it goes too far and is too extreme. Signatories include representatives from Christian, Jewish and Unitarian Universalist organizations and denominations.

“We welcome the support of these political leaders, as well as the organizations and individuals who have vowed to defeat Amendment 67,” said Fofi Mendez, campaign manager for the Vote NO 67 Campaign. “Colorado voters realize just how dangerous Amendment 67 is, and how hard we have to fight efforts to criminalize women and their doctors.” 

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