Vote NO 67 Television Coverage


CBS Denver – Reality Check: Amendment 67, The So-Called ‘Personhood Measure’
Oct. 16, 2014
Shaun Boyd rocks it in this Reality Check on the #VoteNO67 ad with Dr. Ruben Alvero. Take a look at the various statutes within the Colorado Criminal Code and see what happens when you apply "unborn human being" wherever it says "person." THAT is how you criminalize women and their doctors in Colorado.
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POLITICO - Colorado to vote on personhood, again
Oct. 10, 2014
In this POLITICO video about #Amendment67, University of Colorado law professor Aya Gruber highlights what it means to include the term "unborn human being" wherever the word "person" or "child" appears in the Colorado Criminal Code. For example, could women really be prosecuted when they have a miscarriage? No doubt about it, Gruber says. "This law allows it. It allows it!"
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9 News Colorado – Voter Guide: Amendment 67: Colorado Definition of Person and Child Initiative
Oct. 6, 201
9 News Colorado’s special feature ‘Decision 2014’ invites Cathy Alderman from the Vote NO 67 Campaign to explain the far-reaching, dangerous consequences of Amendment 67.
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9 NEWS Colorado - Personhood amendment opponents launch campaign
Officials from Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado and the American Civil Liberties Union were among those who spoke at a rally at the state Capitol on Tuesday kicking off the campaign against Amendment 67.


FOX 31 Denver - No on personhood campaign launches with big rally at Capitol
By defining a fertilized egg as a person, Amendment 67 would restrict ban all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest and also restrict access to emergency contraception and commonly used forms of birth control — including the Pill and IUDs. It could also impede the use of in-vitro fertilization for infertile couples who are hoping to have a family. “Amendment 67 is bad medicine for women and for Colorado,” said Dr. Ruben Alvero, one of the speakers at the rally. “It would allow the government and the courts to violate the sanctity of doctor/patient privacy, and allow government access to women’s private medical records. As an OB/GYN, I opposed this dangerous proposal when it was put before Colorado voters in 2008 and 2010. I oppose it again this year.”


CBS Denver - Opponents Of Colorado Personhood Amendment Launch Campaign
Vote NO 67 Campaign launches; speakers say the ballot measure still goes too far and could curb abortion rights and some infertility treatments.


KKTV – Colorado Springs - Opponents Of Personhood Amendment Launch Campaign
Opponents of the latest version of a proposed personhood amendment for Colorado are vowing to defeat the measure they say would ban abortion and commonly used forms of birth control, like the Pill.


KJCT8 – Grand Junction - Personhood Amendment to see 3rd try on Colo. ballots
Amendment 67 would add fetuses to those protected by the state's criminal and wrongful death act.