Here we go again.

Amendment 67, on the November ballot in Colorado, would ban all abortions, including for victims of rape and incest, and when a woman’s health is in danger.

It would also restrict access to emergency contraception and commonly used forms of birth control, like the Pill and IUDs.

Get the facts. Don’t be fooled. Learn what Amendment 67 would really do.

Amendment 67 would invite the Government into our personal, private lives. It would criminalize women and their doctors.

Under Amendment 67, a woman who is pregnant and has cancer would be denied access to life-saving medical treatment.

Any doctor who performs an abortion could be put in jail.

Any woman who suffers a miscarriage could be investigated for manslaughter. Any doctor who treats her could be investigated and charged as well.

Amendment 67 would ban in-vitro fertilization treatments for women who WANT to have a family.

It goes too far.

We need to protect pregnant women from violence, and Amendment 67 would not do that.

There are many reasons why a woman may consider abortion, including when she has been raped, is the victim of incest or when her life or health is at risk.

These difficult decisions should be made by women, their doctors, their families, and in accordance with her own faith and values.

Please join us and thousands of doctors, nurses, health care professionals; faith and civil rights leaders, attorneys, Latina, African-American, Asian-American and other community leaders and lend your support today. Help us educate voters about the true intent of Amendment 67.

We need your help to fight back.

When you receive your ballot in the mail beginning in mid-October, Vote NO on Amendment 67.


“[Amendment 67] is a dramatic and destructive overreach that Colorado voters have rejected twice and do not need.”

-- The Durango Herald, July 23, 2014